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Rental Application

  Rental Application

Lockwood Property Management

Thank you for your interest in the property. To proceed you must fill out the attached application completely & get it back to us with the appropriate application fee. To process an application is $40 per occupant over the age of 18. In order to be processed *APP FEES MUST BE IN CERTIFIED FUNDS* (Money Order/ Cashiers Ck). Applications will not be processed until appropriate app fee is received. App fees are to be made out to Lockwood Property Management with the address of the property applied for marked.

We cannot lease properties to people that have had an eviction suit filed against them, a judgment from a previous landlord, a violent criminal history, convictions for hot checks, drugs, sex offenders (registered or not), or employees of strip clubs. If you have problems mentioned above please discuss them with us before you submit an application.

*Application Fees Are Non-Refundable*

*We do not accept Sec 8 or Shelter Plus Care*

So……………………….......... What’s next ?

Once your application has been received it usually takes 24 to 48 hours to process. Please don’t call us to check status - we have no control over how long it takes to process & hear absolutely nothing until the process is complete. Once approved & we receive the security deposit, we can hold the property for you. Applications are processed on a first -come-first-served basis so be sure to get yours in first ! To move in you will be required to pay your deposit & 1st months rent before you get your keys. Your first months rent may be pro-rated if you take possession on a day other than the 1st. Please, Please understand that

If we meet you on moving day & you do not have certified funds you will simply not be allowed to move in. Sorry - No Exceptions.

If you have any questions about the specifics of the property or the application feel free to call the office (817) 332-RENT

Lockwood Property Management LLC
2600 West 7th Ste 146
Fort Worth, Texas


Received on (date) ______ at __________ (time)________ Rent Amount ___________ Move In Date ___________



Rental history cannot be verified until Written Notice is Given to Current Landlord

How was applicant referred to Landlord? Real Estate Company __ _ Agents name ________
Newspaper Ad ____ Drive By ____ Sign ____Current Resident: name______________________
Address ____________________________ Other _____________________________________

1.Name:___________________________________________Soc.Sec.#: __________________________
Phone:______________________(hm)__________________(wk)Cell Phone # :____________________
Driver Lic. State: _____________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________
2. List All Residences For Last 2 Years (start with current residence):

(a) Name: _________________________Address: ___________________________ Apt: ____________.
City: ____________________________ , St: _______________, Zip: ______________
Move-In Date ____________________ Move-Out Date ________________Rent $ _________________
Landlord/Manager: ___________________________ Phone: _____________Hm _______________ Wk

(b)Name:__________________________Address:____________________________Apt.: ____________
City: ______________________________ St: ________________ Zip: _________________
Move-In Date ________________________ Move-Out Date ______________________
Landlord/Manager:________________________PhoneHm:___________________Wk: ______________
Rent$______________________ Roommate(s) Name: ________________________________________

3. Current Employer: ______________________________ Address: _________________________
Supervisor’s Name: _____________________________ Phone: ________________________
Position: _________________________________ Income: _______Hr. _______ Monthly _________ Yr.
Dates of Employment (begin) _________________ ( ) Full Time ( ) Part Time _________

Previous Employer: ______________________________________ Phone: ____________________
Address: ______________________________________ Position:_______________________________________Position:_______________________________
Supervisor’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: _______________________________
Dates of Employment (begin) ______________ (end) __________________________________

Applicant #2
1. Name: __________________________________ Soc Sec #: ___________________DOB___________
Phone: (hm) _______________________________ (wk) ________________________________
DriverLic._________________________________State: _________________________

2. List All Residences For Last 2 Years (start with current residence if different from Applicant #1)

(a) Address: ___________________________ Apt._____ City: ______________ St. _____ Zip: _______
Move-In Date: __________________________ Move-Out Date: _________________________
Landlord or Manager: ________________________________________ Phone: __________________
Rent$ __________________________ Roommate(s) name (if any) ________________

(b)Address____________________________Apt:______City:__________________ St.: ____ Zip: ____
Move-In Date: _________________________________ Move-Out Date: _______________________ Landlord or Manager______________________________ Phone: ________________________________
Rent $: ___________________________ Roommate(s) Name( if any) _______________________

3. Current Employer: __________________________________ Address: _________________________
Supervisor’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: _______________ Income: __________
Position: ___________________ Dates of Employment (begin) ______ (end) ____ F T ( ) P T ( )
Previous Employer: ___________________________________ Address: _________________________
Supervisor’s Name: ___________________________________ Phone: __________________
Position: ___________________________ Dates of Employment (begin)____________ _____________

Estimated Home payment: $____________________________
Dealer from whom you are purchasing?___________________________________ Phone: ________________

Monthly Obligations:
Credit Card $_____________ Credit Card $ ______________ Other: _______________
Child Support $ _______________ Child Support $ __________________
Child Care $ _____________

Name all persons other than applicant and spouse to occupy the Property and their relationship to Applicant:
Name: __________________________________ Relationship: ___________________ Age: _______________
Name: __________________________________ Relationship: ___________________ Age: _______________
Name: __________________________________ Relationship: ___________________ Age: ________________

Pet(s) Breed: _______________________ Weight: _______________________ Indoor ( ) Outdoor ( )
__________________________________ Weight: _______________________ Indoor ( ) Outdoor ( )

Your Vehicle Make/Model: ___________ Tag #: __________Yr: ____ State: ______ Payment $ _____
Second Vehicle Make/ Model: _________ Tag # __________ Yr: ____ State: ______ Payment $ _____
Other vehicles: __________________________________________________________________________

Write Yes (Y) or No (N)
Will any waterbeds be in the Property? ______ Will Applicant maintain a renter’s insurance policy? _______
Has applicant or any occupant ever had an eviction suit filed against them ? ______ If yes state name of Landlord/ Apts __________________
Address of eviction? _______________________ City _________ St. ______ Filed bankruptcy? ___ Lost property due to foreclosure? ________ Currently have any credit problems? _____ Been convicted of a felony? ________________
If the answer is yes to any of the above questions please explain: __________________________________________

Emergency contact:
Name: _____________________________ Address: _______________________ St: ____ Zip: _____
Work Phone: __________________ Home Phone: ______________ Relationship: _______________

If you are seriously ill, missing, or in jail or penitentiary according to an affidavit of the above person, or if you die, you authorize ( check one or more): _ the above person, _ your spouse, and/ or __ your parent or child to enter your dwelling to remove all contents, as well as your property in the mailbox, storerooms, and common areas. If no box is checked, any of the above are authorized at our option. If you are seriously ill or injured, you authorize us to send for an ambulance at your expense. We’re not legally obligated to do so.

A non refundable Application fee of _________ will be tendered by the Applicant to the landlord.

If the Applicant fails to sign a lease with the landlord within 14 days after receiving notice that the Landlord approves Applicant as Tenant, Landlord may retain the Application deposit as liquidated damages for Landlord’s forbearance in leasing the property to any applicant and shall have no further obligation to Applicant. Landlord shall approve or refuse to approve tenant within seven (7) days from the date of this Agreement is signed. Applicant shall be responsible for contacting Landlord or landlord’s Representative to determine if approval has been obtained. Landlord expressly reserves the right to refuse to enter into a lease and terminate this Agreement if Landlord does not approve Applicant as a Tenant.

Applicant hereby tenders an Application Deposit to Landlord in the amount of ______ , in consideration for Landlord removing the Property from the market until such time as Landlord approves or refuses to approve Applicant as a tenant.

Providing false information in this application is grounds for rejection of this application and retention of any application fee(s) as liquidated damages for Landlord’s expenses for processing this application. The undersigned represents that the above statements are true and complete and hereby authorizes verification of said information. APPLICANT HEREBY AUTHORIZES LANDLORD OR LANDLORD’S AGENT TO OBTAIN A COPY OF APPLICANT’S CREDIT REPORT, VERIFY APPLICANTS RENTAL AND EMPLOYMENT HISTORY, AND OBTAIN OTHER INFORMATION RELATED TO THIS APPLICATION.

Agreed this day by
____________________________________ _______________________________
Signature of Applicant Date
_____________________________________________ ___________________________
Signature of Applicant #2 Date